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Casa da Música & Digitópia

I am right now visiting Casa da Música. Nice building. Been a bit lost with all the corridors and closed doors. The building is like a labyrinth. Maybe a comment on some of the concrete modernistic buildings where the intention was not get you lost but you will for sure be.

I visited Digitópia in Casa da Música where you can make music on a bunch of computers with experimental music software installed and some midi interfaces attached. I am really happy to see something like this installed in an instution for contemporary music. Definitely the way to go and very much in the same spirit as I am running my IMPROVe workshops and the IMPROVe instrument that I am developing here. They are also running monthly “Handmade Music” gatherings which is something I would love to set up back home. I quote from the about section on the Digitópia website since I think it sums up how I also see my work:

Some of the most interesting recent developments in music are related to the fact that ordinary computers and mobile devices acquired capabilities to make, record, store and spread music, while becoming available to a greater number of people. An “active relationship” with music is nowadays within the reach of people that did not go through the process of formal musical education, due to an increasing number of software applications that allow creating and making music in a friendly and intuitive manner. We are thus witnessing a true worldwide revolution in the way we create, perform, spread, listen and learn music.

The project Digitópia – Platform for the Development of Digital Music Communities – aims to explore these surges of development in a facility implemented in Casa da Música´s main entrance hall, which will contribute: 1) to develop music and creativity amongst a range of ages and social conditions, and mostly amongst youth; 2) to foster the development of free music software; 3) to promote social inclusion, and lead to the emergence of multicultural communities of music makers/lovers; 4) to promote free musical content.


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